Our Hydroform department enables us to produce exotic out-of-round shapes that are unable to be spun.

Hydroforming is a unique forming process that uses a rubber diaphragm or bladder as a universal female for all drawn parts. Parts are drawn into the rubber and produced through displacement pressure. This allows us to make less costly tooling with shorter lead-times. Most deep drawn parts are usually drawn in a single operation.

The Hydroform produces exacting parts for all internal dimensions, with no outside tool marks that would be seen on a traditional steel on steel stamping process. Our production line of hydropresses is centered on our flexibility in range. With the maximum blank size of 32” (813 mm) and forming ranges in sheet stock from shim material to 1” (25 mm) plate, our application engineers keep these Cincinnati presses forming and supporting our customers across all of our business segments.

Hydroforming, hydroform machine prior to process

Hydroforming, hydroform machine in process

Hydroforming, hydroform parts

Illustration of the Hydroforming process Before and after photos of the hydroforming process.

  • 5 Production Hydroforming Machines (6,000-15,000 PSI)
  • Machine Stroke Hydroforming Depth: 0-12” (0-305 mm)